February 26 2016

Congressmen tackle student debt
Congressmen2-230x153   Three members of Congress met with TCC students on South Campus Feb. 5 to focus on student concerns. By opening the floor to questions and comments, U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey, whose district includes South Campus, along with Rep. Eric Swalwell of California and Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona addressed student debt, Veterans Affairs and immigration reform.              

“There’s about $1.3 trillion of debt that is spread across the 40 million young people, and a million of which served in armed forces just last year,” Swalwell said. “And talking to you all today — as America’s future — our job as representatives is to get the information from today and bring it back with us to D.C.”

Responding to the repeated rise of tuition rates, Veasey stressed the value of higher education and the financial support for upcoming generations. Forwarding programs like the Fast Track to College Act, Upward Bound fund and Stepping up to STEM Education Act give students access to more resources in their district, he said.
“Fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics are becoming the foundation of future employment,” Veasey said. “These educational opportunities provide the life skills necessary for our thriving global job market.”  
Collectively, the representatives shared their belief in providing career options to students without the post-graduation anxiety of paying back loans.
“Too many young people are held back by their student debt and end up deciding a career based on their financial loan status,” Swalwell said.
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