October 22 2016

Dallas Morning News Endorses Veasey

We Recommend Marc Veasey for the 33rd Congressional District

Congressman Marc Veasey has a busy day job representing the 33rd Congressional in Tarrant and Dallas counties. Still, the Democrat has found time to work as a cake decorator at a Dallas bakery, delivered mail on a UPS truck in Fort Worth, and bagged groceries at an Irving Kroger's.
"It's all part of his grassroots "Marc Means Business" initiative to better connect him to everyday workers in the district and the challenges in their daily lives"
That kind of outreach is just one reason he's a superior choice over Republican Mark Mitchell. Veasey, 45, of Fort Worth, has represented the district well since 2012. We like his moderate and thoughtful approach to most issues, even where we may disagree.

He supports increasing the minimum wage and allowing more Syrian refugees to resettle in the U.S. And it was Veasey who led the way in the lawsuit challenging Texas' wrongheaded voter ID law that restricts minorities constitutional right to vote.

Mitchell, 61, an attorney and doctor, has property in the district but does not live there. In his GOP primary this spring, this newspaper declined to make a recommendation because we found both candidates to be so wanting. He's in favor of scrapping the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with provisions in a bill by Rep. Michael Burgess, but he acknowledged he has neither read it nor understands it, even after Burgess discussed it with him.

Plus, he has no policy background. That won't get things done in Washington.