Marc graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a degree in Mass Communications. He and his wife Tonya live in Fort Worth with their son Adam.


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Growing up in Fort Worth’s historic Como neighborhood, Marc Veasey didn’t dream about being an elected official. He just hoped that he would one day be able to make a difference in the lives of his friends and neighbors. Today, that simple goal has taken him all the way to the halls of Congress, where he is proud to represent not only the friends and neighbors he grew up with, but hundreds of thousands of diverse voices across North Texas.

Marc was first elected to public office in November of 2004 to represent House District 95 in Southeast Fort Worth. As a Member of the Texas House of Representatives, Marc was recognized as a rising star among Texas Democrats and other state leaders. He was eventually elected Chair of the House Democratic Caucus. During the eight years he served as a State Representative, he was our legislative voice — fighting for good jobs, good schools, affordable healthcare and justice for all Texans.

In 2012 the citizens of DFW elected Marc to represent them in Congress, where he has continued to fight for the needs of his North Texas constituents. He has worked tirelessly to create jobs, promote comprehensive immigration reform, and provide quality, affordable healthcare for everyone. Outside of Congress, Marc continues to fight for our voting rights, acting as a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit to block Texas’s discriminatory Voter ID law and as a named plaintiff in the ongoing legal battle for every Texan to have fair representation in Congress and the legislature.

Public Servant We Can Trust

During his first year of service, Marc helped to secure $500,000 in housing grants for the Fort Worth Housing Authority, voted to maintain SNAP funding, and protected seniors’ hard earned Social Security and Medicare benefits from Republican cuts. His primary concern has been creating economic development and opportunity for his constituents.

Throughout his tenure as a trusted staffer to Former Congressman Martin Frost, Marc worked hard to ensure that economic development and healthy communities were at the forefront of his service across North Texas. Marc led the development of the first grocery store in South East Fort Worth in decades, creating jobs and providing underserved communities the opportunity to buy fresh produce and healthy foods. In Dallas, Marc worked alongside Representative Frost to secure transportation funding for I-30, which resulted in much-needed development and jobs in the Cockrell Hill area.

Creating Good Jobs and Helping the Economy

Marc has a proven track record of creating good paying jobs so that our families can live with the dignity they deserve. As a state legislator, Marc established an annual job fair for thousands of north Texas job-seekers. The community support and appreciation for those fairs inspired Marc to host his first Congressional job fair this spring, attracting more employers and job seekers alike.

Locally, Marc has been a strong supporter of the American-Airlines/U.S. Airways merger. This merger will be good for consumers, good for workers, and good for our local economy. Marc, along with Arizona representative Ed Pastor, authored a letter signed by 66 of their Democratic colleagues to urge the Department of Justice to allow the merger to go forward.

Marc understands that federal policy affects our economy and its ability to recover from the recession. He has opposed sequestration cuts and fought to ensure that they are rolled back. Additionally, he spoke out against the Republican shutdown and threats to hijack the debt limit over the Affordable Care Act. These partisan tactics have real effects on American families, and Marc refuses to let Republicans play these games.

Legislative Efforts

Marc believes enacting and enforcing legislation is a key element of affecting change throughout the community.  In Congress, he serves on the Armed Services Committee and the Space, Science, and Technology Committee. His position on Armed Services has allowed Marc the opportunity to protect and promote jobs in North Texas, which is home to dozens of defense companies and related industries. His position on Space, Science, and Technology allows him to exercise the same role for the many tech companies in DFW. It has also reinforced a goal Marc first formed while serving in the state legislature: to provide young people with training and education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Marc believes that the jobs of tomorrow will require knowledge in those areas, and he is committed to ensuring that our young people are ready. These issue areas – armed services and STEM – are united by the first piece of legislation filed by Marc as a member of Congress. HR 1816, the Veterans STEM Education Program Act, would help repay our veterans for their military service with additional STEM education benefits under the Post-911 G.I. Bill. Marc is also a strong supporter of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, serving as an original co-sponsor of H.R. 519, the Uniting American Families Act; H.R. 717, the Reuniting Families Act; and H.R. 15, the Border Security, Economy Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. Marc is a strong leader and works non-stop for our community in Congressional District 33.

District 33 is Marc’s Home and His Priority. District 33 includes neighborhoods in both Tarrant and Dallas counties. It is anchored in Fort Worth and also has significant portions of Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas, and Irving, among other cities. Marc is a proud life-long resident of Fort Worth and has worked hard to protect and improve those communities. Through his work as a state representative and as a district aide to Congressman Martin Frost, Marc was able to create strong ties to the Dallas County community as well. During his first term, Marc has worked hard to reach out to all of the constituents of Congressional District 33 and let them know that he and his office are available and ready to help them. Each month he hosts a “Congress on Your Corner” event in the district where constituents can meet him at a local grocery store or restaurant. In addition, he has hosted multiple town halls on the Affordable Care Act, Immigration, and other issues. Among other events, he also sponsored an issues forum for seniors and a screening of “The Dream is Now,” a documentary showing the plight of DREAMers living in the United States. Marc has the good nature and patience to bring us to together, along with the tough-minded courage it takes to protect our families and our communities. Marc has stood with us, fought for us and earned our support for re-election to Congress.

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