July 4, 2018 In The News, Media

Star-Telegram: Rep. Veasey: Democrats can tip Trump’s America on its axis, starting in Texas

As a BBQ-lovin, blue-hearted, Texas Democrat, in the most polarized political time of my generation, I see legislative fights as a dance in the ring.

It’s a slugfest till the end. It takes rhythm, momentum, guts, and an unwavering belief in the values you are fighting to uphold.

Over the past few months, Texas Democrats have packed a few punches.

My fellow Texans have sent a clear message to Republican leaders: You better watch out, because we’re coming for you. We’re taking this country back. We’re voting you out, and we’re putting an end to your discriminatory policies and racial targeting.

With more candidates of color running for office, and more Democrats on the ballot in Texas than we’ve had in sixteen years, we’re fighting against the premise of Trump’s America, and we’re winning. One red district at a time.

As I addressed Texas Democrats at our state convention, I recognized union workers who rallied behind Conor Lamb, and African Americans in Alabama, who turned out the vote for Doug Jones, because they helped us reclaim our party.

Hard working Americans, who are the heartbeat of this country, are counting on us to fight for them. To just plain show up for them – no matter how long the odds – no matter if we lose a few races.

There is something worse than losing our seats – losing the foundation and integrity of our country to President Donald Trump, his Administration, and his Republican cronies.

The code I live by in Congress is to be my constituents’ best advocate. I’ve coined this ‘the Democrat way’. And time and time again, I’ve been proven right. Republicans have continued to abandon the people they serve out of fear and obligation to the Trump Administration.

Meanwhile, Democrats are reconnecting across the country.

I’ve spoken with men and women in Dallas and Fort Worth who have been on the job since the days of segregation. I’ve heard stories from construction sites to taquerias, folks who worry because their friends and families don’t belong to unions, don’t have health care, job protections, or benefits.

These concerns aren’t just concerns of everyday Texans, but of a vast community across the country, who have been overlooked for far too long. These are families who work hard because they can’t afford to get left behind, again. They want to move forward together.

This is a turbulent time for our country, and we must therefore put democratic values before party, people before elected office, and we must hold true to the belief that Americans can still lift each other up.

Going into midterms we need to band together and fight together. To lick our wounds and move forward. Because as a party, we have a lot to fight for — including protecting our workers and public schools, and the health care of families and patients with pre-existing conditions.

And we sure as hell have a lot to fight against — starting with President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, and senior advisor Stephen Miller, as they attempt to push through a cruel immigration agenda to demoralize asylum seekers, separate families, and abolish the American spirit of Dreamers, who are here to work hard and dream big.

The task of rebuilding and healing is still far off. Right now, we need to hold this Administration accountable.

If we bring change and diversity, from the state house to the halls of Congress, state Senate to the U.S. Senate, we’re going to be able to bring real change in Congress.

Democrats are ready to work hard and show up for the American people. We can’t waste our moment or our momentum — and I won’t, because I remain hopeful. Because I believe in my fellow Americans to take their anger and heartache all the way to the ballot box.

Texans are stronger together, and so is this country.

Congressman Marc Veasey is a Fort Worth Democrat who represents Texas’ U.S. House District 33.