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Endorsed by the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram!

Meet Marc

In 2012 the citizens of DFW elected Marc to represent them in Congress, where he has continued to fight for the needs of his North Texas constituents. He has worked tirelessly to create jobs, promote comprehensive immigration reform, and provide quality, affordable healthcare for everyone. Outside of Congress, Marc continues to fight for our voting rights, acting as a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit to block Texas’s discriminatory Voter ID law and as a named plaintiff in the ongoing legal battle for every Texan to have fair representation in Congress and the legislature.

On the Issues

Jobs and the Economy

Marc has a proven track record of bringing good-paying jobs to North Texas families.


Marc is a longstanding supporter of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which to date has provided quality, affordable health coverage for hundreds of thousands of North Texans. Marc has also been a longtime champion of women’s health care.


As a former substitute teacher, Marc knows that a great education is the key to opportunity for our families – and to economic growth for our region.

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